IBM Terminology

IBM Terminology

No. of terms: several thousands!

001_18 Golden Favourite

This IBM resource,  or should we say computer dictionary, consolidates the terminology from many IBM products, but at its core it holds endless entries of base computer terminology, terms and definitions. It is to my best knowledge one of the most comprehensive and  best maintain reference source for everything  computer on the Web.

Example term: build

(1) The process during which a build program (clearmake, clearaudit, or omake) produces one or more derived objects. This may involve actual translation of source files and construction of binary files by compilers, linkers, text formatters, and so on.
(2) An operational version of a system or part of a system that demonstrates a subset of the capabilities to be provided in the final product.
(3) To create or modify resources, usually based on the state of other resources. A Java builder converts Java source files into executable class files, for example, and a Web link builder updates links to files whose name or location has changed.
(4) To convert a product from source code to a binary or executable software product.

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