SAP Glossary

SAP Glossary

No. of terms: above 6000 (I stopped counting)


Golden Favourite

Description: One of the most comprehensive computer dictionaries that you will able to find on the Internet. Comparable to IBMs Dictionary also with SAP dictionary you can be sure to get informed and qualified definitions. Despite the description by SAP  as “A list of terms commonly used in the SAP ecosystem”, this glossary (what a decent word) will give you answers to almost any IT, Computer and Telecommunication related question. Even Business terms are part of this outstanding reference work.

Example termreference object (PM)

A technical object, for example, equipment, functional location, assembly or combination of material and serial numbers, that is referred to by a service or maintenance notification, or a service or maintenance order.
The entry of a reference object simplifies the order account assignment because the data entered in the object master record is proposed as a default. In addition, the entry of a reference object determines which components and task lists are proposed when an order is planned.

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