Ericsson Technologies A-Z

Ericsson Technologies A-Z

Languages: English, German

No. of terms: less than 100

Description: This small glossary explaining technologies in telecommunications is marked by a fine selection of the terms and by a focus on the most prominent ones. A place where you can not get lost and where you will certainly benefit from the straightforward explanations. With links to additional white papers in pdf format. Of great help to freelance translators that are working on a technical paper.

Example term: GMPLS – Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching

Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching is a set of IP-based protocols to enable the automated setup of connections and restoration in the transport networks. GMPLS protocols will deliver functions to support areas such as fast network restoration, bandwidth-on-demand, and differentiated quality of service.

GMPLS is a development of Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), a standard that speeds up packet-based switching networks. MPLS packets are switched along a path that is set up using standard IP-routing protocols.

GMPLS extends this technique to optical networks, offering a flexible and dynamic means of handling SDH connections and optical wavelengths.

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