Nokia Glossary of Mobile Technology

Nokia Glossary of Mobile Technology

Languages: English, German

No. of terms: approximately 200

Description: Nokia, as many other big companies, know about the information need of their visitors and (potential) costumers. One way of helping confused surfers is to offer explanations of basic terms in a glossary. As much as this approach is right as much a pity that Nokia did not think of an easier navigation. A glossary of this size should unfolded by grouping a couple of letters instead of forcing to click through the entire alphabet to gain insight into the scope of this reference work.

I still mention this glossary of “the latest terms and concepts in mobile technology” as there is also its German equivalent. Sometimes a translator is having a hard time to find the right technical term of rather new technologies. Here this glossary pair might come in handy and you may find out that Memory effect stayed more or less without translation (Memory-Effekt in German) and that MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) stays with the same abbreviation in German but is spelled out as Multimedia-Mitteilungsdienst.

Example termMemory effect
A property of a battery that causes it to lose its capacity for full recharging if it is repeatedly recharged before it is completely discharged. Memory effect most commonly occurs with nickel-cadmium batteries. The term derives from the fact that the battery appears to have a memory for the amount of charging it can sustain.

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Status/Quote as: Copyright ©2006 Nokia. All rights reserved.

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