Glossary of Unicode Terms

Glossary of Unicode Terms

Language: English

No. of terms: 430

Description:This qualified and competent glossary by the Unicode Consortium gives you an excellent entry point in understanding the basics of unicode and its importance in modern computer systems: “Unicode provides a unique number for every character, no matter what the platform, no matter what the program, no matter what the language. The Unicode Standard has been adopted by such industry leaders as Apple, HP, IBM, JustSystems, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Sun, Sybase, Unisys and many others.”

“The Unicode Consortium is a non-profit organization devoted to developing, maintaining, and promoting software internationalization standards and data, particularly the Unicode Standard, which specifies the representation of text in all modern software products and standards.”

Example Term: Boustrophedon
A pattern of writing seen in some ancient manuscripts and inscriptions, where alternate lines of text are laid out in opposite directions, and where right-to-left lines generally use glyphs mirrored from their left-to-right forms. Literally, “as the ox turns,” referring to the plowing of a field.

Keywords: Unicode, world-wide character encoding, normalization, character code charts, character properties, collation

Quote as: Glossary of Unicode Terms. Copyright © 1991-2008 Unicode, Inc. All rights reserved.

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