Ballet Glossary

Ballet Glossary by English National Ballet

No. of terms: approximately 16

Language: English

Description: Maybe the Ballet Glossary of the English National Ballet should be better called word list, but it is my tip for everyone that intend to learn some ballet terms by heart to cover up during a night out at the ballet. 🙂

Example term: Fouetté
(Fr. fouetter – to whip) More correctly rond de jambe fouetté en tournant.The working leg whips out to the side and then to the knee as the dancer turns on the supporting leg, rising onto pointe for each revolution. This step was developed by Italian dancers at the end of the nineteeth century so that they could perform as many as 32 consecutive fouettés, a trick that is featured in Odile’s seduction of Prince Siegfried in Act III of Swan Lake.

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Quote as:Ballet Glossary, by the English National Ballet.

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  1. Thanks for keeping the information alive!

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