Ballet Terminology

Ballet Terminology by Danse Conservatory

No. of terms: approximately 120

Language: English

Description: The Danse Conservatory, founded by Melissa Allen Bowman, Richard Bowman and Marcy Allen, presents a total training program offering all skills on all levels. On their website they offer a fine selection of ballet terms.

Example term: Exercices à la barre [eg-zehr-SEESS a lah bar]
Exercises at the bar (or barre). A group of exercises performed by the dancer while clasping a bar with one hand. This bar, generally a cylindrical piece of wood is fastened horizontally to the walls of the practice room at a height of about three feet six inches from the floor. Bar exercises, or side practice, are the foundation of classical ballet and are to the dancer what scales are to the pianist. Every ballet lesson begins with these exercises. It is at the bar that the dancer acquires the fundamental training for the attributes he must
possess. These exercises are essential for developing the muscles correctly, turning the legs out from the hips and gaining control and flexibility of the joints and muscles. The exercises at the bar can be simple or varied but in general they include the following movements:
(l) Pliés in the first, second, fourth and fifth positions.
(2) Battements tendus.
(3) Battements dégagés.
(4) Battements fondus.
(5) Ronds de jambe à terre.
(6) Battements frappés.
(7) Adagio.
(8 ) Petits battements sur le cou-de-pied.
(9) Ronds de jambe en l’air.
(10) Grands battements.

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