Ballet Terms A to Z

Ballet Terms A to Z

No. of terms: 158

Description: The Ballet Terms A to Z on offers a good selection of terms, including pronunciation guide for the mainly French terms. Positive on this is site in comparison to many others is that the glossary is presented with easy navigation and only few advertisements.

Example term: Entrechat [ahn-truh-SHAH]
Interweaving or braiding. A step of beating in which the dancer jumps into the air and rapidly crosses the legs before and behind each other. Entrechats are counted from two to ten according to the number of crossings required and counting each crossing as two movements, one by each leg; that is, in an entrechat quatre each leg makes two distinct movements. Entrechats are divided into two general classes: the even-numbered entrechats, or those which land on two feet– deux, quatre, six, huit and dix– and the odd-numbered entrechats, or those which land on one foot– trois, cinq, sept and neuf.

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