Glossary of Ballet

Wikipedia Glossary of Ballet

No. of terms: 100

Language: English

Description: Of course Wikipedia is known to all of as an user driven encyclopedia, but you may also find several glossaries on Wikipedia. These glossaries may cover technical terms that do not have encyclopedia entries and where they do have, the visitor knows that more detailed information on a term is just a click away. This very convincing linking between in depth and short definition also characterizes the the Glossary of Ballet found on Wikipedia.

Example term: Arabesque
Main article: Arabesque (ballet position)

Literally, “in Arabic fashion.” The position of the body supported on one leg, with the other leg extended behind the body with the knee straight. The back leg may either touch the floor in tendu back (called arabesque par terre), or be raised at an angle. Common angles are 45° (also called à demi hauteur), and 90° (à la hauteur). When the angle is much greater than 90° and the body leans forward to counterbalance the back leg, the pose is called arabesque penchée. There are also various arm and leg combinations, such as forward on the same side as the back leg or the other arm forward.

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