Professional PASTA Glossary

Professional PASTA Glossary

Language: English

No. of terms: close to 100

Description: Please note that this pasta production technical glossary is addressing the industrial production of pasta. So it is not intended to explain terms related to home-made pasta.

Example Term: extruder
This word means both a press with a small-medium capacity used for production of fresh pasta made by extrusion instead of by lamination, and a force unit of automatic continuous presses in larger production lines, especially for dry pasta production. The extruder anyway consists of two main elements: the extrusion cylinder, fed at one end with the dough from the mixing tank; and the extrusion or compression screw (see) which rotates inside the cylinder pushing the dough towards the opposite end of the cylinder. Inside the cylinder, the pressure can reach very high values (about 110-130 bar) and the friction generated by the screw can cause the dough heating, damaging it since physical and mechanical stress (pressure and heat) can damage gluten texture. In order to control the dough temperature, the extrusion group is usually cooled by cold water circulation in a special jacket around the cylinder. The main job of an extruder is in fact to exert the maximum thrust possible (corresponding to a higher output capacity of the press), but, at the same time, to keep the thrust “soft” in order to preserve the dough quality and, consequently, the quality of the finished product.

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Quote as: Glossary of pasta technical terminology. Copyright © 1996-2006 Professional Pasta

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