Beer Lexicon

Beer Lexicon – Terms to Impress Your Friends. By Sara Doersam

No. of terms: 95

Language: English

Description: I like the attitude of this glossary of beer terms found on Do you want to impress your friends with some new found beer savvy? Read on to discover a collection of terms used in brewing and tasting. Soon you’ll be able to order beer with confidence and even spread the word about the delights of craft brewed beer. In short, you’ll become a beer expert!”

The glossary covers Beer Styles, General Beer Terms, Brewing Terms, Brewing Equipment, Brewing Ingredients and Beer Tasting Terms.

Example term: Light-struck
The skunky smell or flavor that results from a beer being exposed to too much direct sun or fluorescent lights. It is particularly pervasive in light beers packaged in green or clear bottles and is less common in beers packaged in brown bottles. It is caused by the reaction of hop oils to ultraviolet light.

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Quote as: Beer Lexicon: Terms to Impress Your Friends. By Sara Doersam.

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