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Example term: STOUT
There are two basic types of stout, bitter stout and sweet (or milk) stout. The sweet stuff, as epitomised by Mackeson and many other regional brews is not dissimilar to a gassier, richer, darker version of mild. Classic stout is, however, bitter stout and Guinness, Murphy’s and Beamish are all first-rate. They are also all Irish, of course, although stout is a derivative of porter, an entirely English creation that has fallen by the wayside and, perversely, no such similar products are made by a British brewery, let alone an English one, although Mackeson is, as indicated above, just one of many British sweet stouts produced. Draught stout is about 4-4.5% ABV and bottled 4.5- 5%, although bottled versions exported to the tropics can be as high as 8%. The startling difference between bottled and draught bitter stout, whether Guinness, Murphy’s or Beamish is one of gas: the bottled version like all bottled beers contains CO2, which is coarse on the tongue and accentuates the extreme bitter character of a stout, whereas a head on the draught version is principally nitrogen, an inert gas that is smooth on the tongue and the creamy effect this provides subdues the bitter elements. Draught Guinness in the all-black can, not the gold one, was the first stout to utilise the DraughtflowTM System, which employs nitrogen to produce a very similar creamy effect in a can, since when Beamish and Murphy’s have followed suit. The same technology has been applied to Guinness Draught Bitter in a can, a move that has been followed by Boddington, Flowers and others (see DraughtflowTM System).

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