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Description: is a Web site entirely devoted to decipher and to document the terminology used in the blogosphere. The definitions show that the editor(s) are really familiar with blogging.
“Blogossary, a labour of love finally launched in January 2006, is an online dictionary for bloggers, wannabe bloggers, or those who just want to know what a blog is.

It’s intended to be a light hearted project to catalogue the blogosphere’s vocabulary in a central location.”

Example Term: Ghost Blog
A ghost blog is a blog run and managed by an anonymous author(s).A ghost blog can also be a blog written by a company or person on behalf of another company or person.

Example: person B is blogging on behalf of person A

A ghost blog may also be a blog about or dedicated to apparitions and poltergeists.

There has been much debate about whether ghost blogs should be taken seriously and whether they can hurt the blogger’s overall reputation in the blogosphere.

See also:
* Anonoblog
* Anonyblog
* Character Blog
* Fake Blog
* Faux Blog
* Fictional Blog

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