Giant Blogging Terms Glossary

Giant Blogging Terms Glossary

Language: English

No. of terms: 150 and constantly growing

Description: Is there a better place for a blog glossary than a blog? Is there a better way of discussing blogging terms than blog comments? After you visited this blog glossary you know that the answer is twice a no. You will enjoy reading the glossary as much as the comments. Don’t miss out on the comment by Baz | 5/04/08!!!

Example Terms: (Enjoy!)
# Kittyblogger – writing about cats.
# Clog Blog – written in Dutch and/or in Holland.
# Plog – a project blog. Also for personalised weblogs
# Movlogs – mobile video blogs.
# Splog- a spam blog
# Anonoblog – by an anonymous blogger
# Linguablog – about linguistics, translation etc.
# Metablog – a blog about blogging.
# Blawg – blogged by lawyer / related to legal stuff
# Progblog – A progressive blog.
# Shocklog – provokes discussion by posting shocking content
# Klog – used by company knowledge workers.

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