Glossary of Lead Generation

Sorry, in case I have fooled you. I truly apologize. I haven’t been active for some long months on my DictionaryNet. Currently my job is taking me into the direction of online marketing, which nowadays is also made countable for bringing in the leads for sales and marketing activities.

It is just an old habit of mine, that at a certain point I was looking for a glossary about lead generation. Well there is one, rather short and to some extend marked by the service the publisher’s company is giving. So in absence of anything better for now, here is the link to’s Lead Generation Glossary.

I will keep my eyes open, and will let you know in case I find a better one.

Feel free to drop me a line and point out some valuable glossaries.

Hugs – your Dictionary Net Guide, aka Ursula.


Language: English

No. of terms: 31

Description: Note that this glossary places lead generation in the framework and context of online advertising. 31 terms don’t really hold the danger of getting lost, but know that the glossary is not organized alphabetically, but rather builds on introducing the reader to a closed set of ideas. Pity that no time was invested to list the content or to make hyperlinks.

Online lead generation advertising refers to a number of internet-based methods for generating customer leads.

Advertisers pay for impressions in most online banner campaigns, and for clicks in search engine marketing campaigns. However, they pay exclusively for leads in an online lead generation campaign – irrespective of the impressions and clicks that went into generating the leads. This is why online lead generation advertising is commonly referred to as Cost-per-Lead (CPL) advertising.

Fact: Online Lead Generation is the fastest growing segment in online advertising. With 71% YTY growth, it is growing twice as fast as the online advertising market, and is projected to cross $2 billion by 2008. (Source: IDC Research).

Commonly used online lead generation techniques include co-registration advertising, custom-co-registration and full page lead generation.

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Quote as:  The Online Lead Generation Glossary. Copyright Pontiflex Inc. 2008 ( Public use with attribution.

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