The Internet is Yours – Shape it!

DictionaryNet is about giving you access to quality reference works. But more importantly it is about bringing  glossaries and monolingual English dictionaries into the spotlight that otherwise might go unnoticed simply by the fact that they have a poor and unjustified ranking in search engine results.

While I do care less whether or not you are linking back to DictionaryNet or not, I would like to motivate you to support reference works you like and appreciate. Help them to get more exposure and recognition!

Here are a few tips how let them climb up in search results:

1.) Give reference to our source – Link back to them!

Back links are one of the most influential elements to support a site. Whenever you quote a definition from an online glossary, please give reference to the source including a link back to the site. This holds true whether you publish the definition online or use it in a printed document.

For each reference work I describe here on DictionaryNet I also add a suggestion how to quote it. Here is an example:

Glossary / Dictionary Details
Title: Glossary of Piano Terms Terms: 83
Link: Language: English
Quote as: Glossary of Piano Terms. Copyright 2011 © Bluebook of Pianos All Rights Reserved. [+link] Last visited: November 08, 2011

Please – never link back to DictionaryNet if you want to promote a reference work, always link back to the original page!

  • If you have a blog, consider to add a link in your blog roll or even to discuss the source in one of your blog post.
  • Website owners: Having a link page? If yes, add also links to reference sources that are valuable to your website visitors. If no, maybe just the time to start one.

2.) Get social, share it away!

  • Quite likely you are on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. So why not share a link to an exceptional reference work with your friends and colleagues?
  • Very helpful for driving additional traffic to a reference work – recommend it via StumbleUpon.
  • Having a Google+ account? Great! You spotted a good reference work on result page 7 (wow – when was it the last time you were so desperately looking for something that you actually browsed to trough more than two result pages…)   So if after all that work you spotted a helpful reference work, give back! Click the “=1” button, will you?

As said this is not about DictionaryNet, but if you like us, happy to get a Plus from you as well.

If you are an author of a glossary and need some more help how to promote your worke, do not hesitate to leave a comment or to contact me via email:

Cheers – Ursula (Your Dictionary Guide)

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