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American Ballet Theatre – Ballet Dictionary

No. of terms: 170


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Description: The ABT dictionary is a beautiful work defining the most important ballet terms. If you have the QuickTime Player installed, you will be able also to enjoy demonstrations of the defined terms:
“Welcome to American Ballet Theatre’s Online Ballet Dictionary, a unique interactive resource designed to bring dance to the Web and make it accessible to everyone. Dover Publications has graciously allowed the use of 170 terms from the Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet, which are then demonstrated by ABT Company dancers.

Admittedly, this is not a comprehensive list of ballet terms and forms. It cannot replace the learning opportunities of a course of intense study and training. However, it does provide a very accessible introduction to the world of ballet. The producers of this invaluable project are very grateful to the members of ABT’s artistic staff and the dancers union (I.A.A.) who gave freely of their time, particularly David Richardson and Georgina Parkinson. The success of this project would have been impossible without them.”

Example term: Cecchetti, Enrico [en-REE-koh cheh-KET-tee]
This Italian dancer and ballet master (1850-1928 ) was born in Rome, son of Cesare Cecchetti and Serafina Casagli. He studied with Giovanni Lepri, who was a pupil of the great Carlo Blasis, and made his debut at La Scala, Milan, in 1870. He toured Europe as a premier danseur and made his debut at the Maryinski Theatre, St. Petersburg, in 1887. He accepted the position of second ballet master at the Maryinski Theatre in 1890 and two years later became instructor at the Imperial School. His pupils included Pavlova, Nijinsky, Karsavina, Fokine, Preobrajenska, Kchessinska and Egorova. In 1902 he left for Warsaw, where he became director of the Imperial School, and in 1905 returned to Italy. Returning to Russia, he opened a-private school and later became the private tutor of Anna Pavlova, touring the world with her. From 1909 to 1918 he was the official instructor to the Diaghilev Ballet Company. From 1918 until 1923 he had a private school in London. He then returned to Italy and became ballet master at La Scala in 1925. He devoted the rest of his life to teaching and perfecting his teaching methods.

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