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SNIA Storage Networking Dictionary

SNIA Storage Networking Dictionary
: English

No. of terms
: 1000

Golden Favourite

Description: The SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) Dictionary is a one of its kind when it comes to professional dictionaries. It “contains terms and definitions related to storage, and is the storage networking industry’s most comprehensive attempt to date to arrive at a common body of terminology for the technologies it represents. The terms go through a rigorous technical review and approval process by the SNIA Technical Council to assure their accuracy.” The dictionary covers all aspects of storage and the context od each term is shown in the definition.
As a dictionary devoted to rapidly evolving technical field, new terminology is constantly being introduced to this fascinating reference source.

Example term: Solid State Disk (SSD)
[Storage System] A disk whose storage capability is provided by solid-state random access or flash memory rather than magnetic or optical media.

A solid state disk generally offers very high access performance compared to that of rotating magnetic disks, because it eliminates mechanical seek and rotation time. It may also offer very high data transfer capacity. Cost per byte of storage, however, is typically higher, however.

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: English

No. of terms
: 2100 and constantly growing

Description: also additional topic areas including Apple, Gadgets, Games, Mobile, and Chips.
The Technical Glossary is the first place to turn to if you want to lookup terms of recently developed technologies. The glossary is integral part of any search you are doing on, but can also be browsed alphabetically.’s informed users are constantly contributing to this dynamic glossary.

Example term 1: Geek
(1) A formerly derogatory term given to the outcast elite, usually lacking in social graces. The term has been used so liberally by the masses of people that computer gurus have taken it to heart as not being derogatory, but rather the name given to scientifically savvy folk. (2) A carnival performer who performs grotesque acts, such as biting the heads off of live chickens.

Example term 2: LCD Projector
A projector designed to display an image from your computer (or consumer video device) onto a large wall or movie screen. LCD projectors use three small, separate LCD screens (red, green, and blue) and shine a bright light through them to generate the image. See also DLP projector.

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SAP Glossary

SAP Glossary

No. of terms: above 6000 (I stopped counting)


Golden Favourite

Description: One of the most comprehensive computer dictionaries that you will able to find on the Internet. Comparable to IBMs Dictionary also with SAP dictionary you can be sure to get informed and qualified definitions. Despite the description by SAP  as “A list of terms commonly used in the SAP ecosystem”, this glossary (what a decent word) will give you answers to almost any IT, Computer and Telecommunication related question. Even Business terms are part of this outstanding reference work.

Example termreference object (PM)

A technical object, for example, equipment, functional location, assembly or combination of material and serial numbers, that is referred to by a service or maintenance notification, or a service or maintenance order.
The entry of a reference object simplifies the order account assignment because the data entered in the object master record is proposed as a default. In addition, the entry of a reference object determines which components and task lists are proposed when an order is planned.

Keywords: SAP, Computer, Computer Dictionary, IT, IT dictionary, Software, Hardware, Programming
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IBM Terminology

IBM Terminology

No. of terms: several thousands!

001_18 Golden Favourite

This IBM resource,  or should we say computer dictionary, consolidates the terminology from many IBM products, but at its core it holds endless entries of base computer terminology, terms and definitions. It is to my best knowledge one of the most comprehensive and  best maintain reference source for everything  computer on the Web.

Example term: build

(1) The process during which a build program (clearmake, clearaudit, or omake) produces one or more derived objects. This may involve actual translation of source files and construction of binary files by compilers, linkers, text formatters, and so on.
(2) An operational version of a system or part of a system that demonstrates a subset of the capabilities to be provided in the final product.
(3) To create or modify resources, usually based on the state of other resources. A Java builder converts Java source files into executable class files, for example, and a Web link builder updates links to files whose name or location has changed.
(4) To convert a product from source code to a binary or executable software product.

Keywords: IBM, Computer, Computer Dictionary, IT, IT dictionary, Software, Hardware, Programming

Status: Copyrighted by IBM

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