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Content Marketing Glossary

Content Marketing Glossary

Language: English

No. of terms: 8

Description: Too small to be called a glossary, but at least a try by Viviani Associates. When coming to rather new areas the value of a glossary lies mainly in the fact that it give you a very fast overview of related terms. So there is not much to learn about content marketing in a glossary of 8 terms, but on one page you already see a kind of net of relations only by looking at the terms added to the glossary.

In this case they are: White paper, E-Book, E-Newsletter, Webinar, Wiki, Blog, Podcasts, and Video content, vodcasts, vlogs.

Example Term: Blog
A personal website written by someone who is passionate about a subject and wants the world to know about it with the benefits rubbing off on the company that he or she works for; easiest and simplest way to get your thought leadership ideas out and into the market.

Just a short remark: the above definition isn’t too relevant when it comes to marketing and corporate blogging, is it.

Content Marketing Glossary:  Copyright © 2011 – Viviani Associates,

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