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Ebooks Glossary of Terms

Description: DictionaryNet is also about shedding light on glossaries that otherwise might not receive the attention they deserve simply by the fact that they have a low rank in search engines. This time I am even faster that Google, and I like that!  Thanks to a tweet by @ebookfriendly I happened to visit  their glossary, that hasn’t been cached by  Google so far.

Even though a small glossary with only 25 terms, for me it just came in on time. And that counts sometimes more than comprehensiveness.  I bought my first ebook via Amazon last week ( Brian Solis: The End of Business as Usual)  and at work I receive some five “e-books” a day from companies trying to get attention for their services trough inbound marketing. So reading through the glossary gave me a fast overlook of the ” most popular terms used to describe ebooks”.

The ebook glossary was compiled by Piotr Kowalczyk, “self-publisher, author of short stories for geeks and a big enthusiast of electronic books”.  I am positive that the glossaries will grow over time. Keep up the good work, Piotr!

Example Term: enhanced ebook

An electronic book with added audio, video and other elements, which let the user interact with the content. usually enhanced ebooks are sold as standalone book application.


Language: English

No. of terms:  25

Quote as: Ebooks – Glossary of Terms [plus link]

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