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Hair Glossary

Glossary of Hair Words & Terms

No. of terms: 420

Description: This glossary, found on the website, puts an end to bad hair days. Get informed about terms and treatments related to hair and hair design. And for all my fellow girls, check out the beautiful style gallery (they say you may choose from over 4700 hairstyles!)

Example term: BOB
The Bob was the classic look of the 50s and 60s; the style was short and straight but blow-dried and curled under. At it’s worst the style could make you look like a mushroom, but at best with the curl accentuating your cheekbones it created an incredibly sexy look. Bob has become a description of the hair length from ear-length to the shoulder. Now you can get straight bobs, or the ends flicked out or in.

Note: The Bob – my favorite for good and for bad. Never gonna change it!

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ICCF&D Fashion Glossary

ICCF&D Fashion Glossary

No. of terms: approximately 400

Description: The ICCF&D, Internet Centre for Canadian Fashion and Design, has the aim to create a united presence and global recognition for Canadian Fashion and Design on the World Wide Web. The ICCF&D Fashion Glossary deciphers for you much of the dressmakers jargon and terminology.

Example term: Arms eye

Term dressmakers use to describe where the sleeve is joined to the bodice of the garment.

Keywords: Beauty, Fashion, Canada, Fashion Industry, Dressmaker

Status/Quote as: ICCF&D Fashion Glossary,The Internet Centre for Canadian Fashion and Design. Glossary Glossary

No. of terms: 300

Description: Qualified glossary about terms related to fragrance and fragrance industry. Of interest to the layman and professional alike deeply informed by the status of as “an international source for historic, cultural, scientific and industry related reference materials.”

Example term: Profile
A perfume or perfumed product profile is a description of the fragrance prepared by a marketer, which is given to a perfumer for inspiration and formulation. The profile contains all pertinent details in relation to marketing the new fragrance plan, type, name, package, color/theme, mood, impression, cost parameters, etc.

Keywords: Beauty, Fashion, Perfume, Fragrance, Fragrance Industry,

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