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 Description: For sure there are more than 5 reasons why to love chocolate, and there are certainly many reasons why to learn more about it. From many of us chocolate is food, it is … well, chocolate!, created by and for chocolate lovers and focusing on gourmet chocolate, offers a nice glossar with 41 terms from Alkalinisation to Xocoatl.

Also certainly worth a visit is the historical overview of chocolate prepared for us.

Example Term: Xocoatl
Xocoatl is the original name the Aztecs, Toltecs, Mayas and Incas gave to a stimulating drink they brewed from cocoa beans. It was a mixture of cocoa, maize (Indian corn) and water.

Link: Glossary

Language: English

No. of terms: approximately 41

Last visited: November 04, 2011

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SBS Food Glossary

SBS Food Glossary

Language: English

No. of terms: approximately 600

Description: A food glossary from down-under! Comprehensive inventory of cooking terms with clear and easy definitions found on SBS. The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is Australia’s multicultural and multilingual public broadcaster.

Example Term:Nokedli Maker (Spatzle Press)
An appliance used in Hungarian cooking to make nokedli (dumplings). Similar in appearance to a grater, a sliding container sits above. Dough is placed in the container and the nokedli maker is suspended over boiling water. The container slides back and forth and the dough is shaved into small pieces. Nokedli is commonly served with gulyas.

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Glossary of Pasta Terms

THE NIBBLE Pasta Glossary

Language: English

No. of terms: about 200

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Description: This is definitely the glossary for the Pasta lover! Found on THE NIBBLE, Great Food Finds, an online gourmet food magazine and website with product reviews, this glossary has a short but interesting introduction to Italian pasta. The glossary as such is comprehensive and well illustrated. Just the right place to finally learn about the <b>different types of pasta</b>. We all know that there are many and that they come in so many different <b>pasta shapes</b>, but you will be surprised to what level Italian kitchen has brought the art of pasta.

“If you love pasta, you’ll love learning the terms you don’t already know. For a visual chart of the different pasta shapes in this glossary, see our article on Pasta Shapes. (….) While this glossary includes international pastas, from Asian rice sticks to Polish pierogies, most of it focuses on Italian pasta.”

Example Term: BUCATINI
From “buco” for hole, hollow, bucatini (boo-cah-TEE-nee) are spaghetti-like strands of pasta that are thicker than spaghetti, with a thin, drinking straw-like hole down the center. They can be ridged (bucatini rigati). Bucatini originated in central Italy, but became popular in Rome, especially in the classic dish, Bucatini alla Matriciana, which has a light, spicy sauce made of tomatoes, pancetta, red pepper flakes, and grated Pecorino cheese.

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Godiva Glossary of Chocolate

Description: Learn more about chocolate with this a useful glossary of chocolate terms by Godiva.

On the same page you will also find fascinating chocolate trivia! E.g. “US consumers eat 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate annually, representing nearly half of the world’s supply!”

Example Term: Ganache
Ganache is a rich chocolate mixture made by combining chopped semisweet chocolate and boiling cream and stirring until smooth. The proportions of chocolate to cream can vary, and the resulting ganache can be used as a cake glaze or beaten until fluffy and used as a filling or as the base for truffles and other chocolate confections.

Link: Glossary of Chocolate and Baking Terminology

Language: English

No. of terms: approximately 80

Last visited: November 04, 2011

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BBC Food Glossary

BBC Food Glossary

Language: English

No. of terms: approximately 500

Description: BBC Food’s glossary is “an A to Z guide to cookery terms. Whether it’s herbs and spices, names of dishes or cooking techniques, you’ll find them here, along with suggested recipes and links to more information.”
Very helpful glossary, indeed!

Example Term: Carpaccio

A classic Italian dish, served as a starter, of very thin shavings of raw beef fillet, served cold with olive oil and lemon juice or with a mayonnaise or mustard sauce.

The dish is often topped with capers and sometimes onions. Although true carpaccio is made with beef, ‘carpaccios’ of other thinly sliced raw meats, fish or even fruits are becoming more frequently sighted on restaurant menus.

You can read more about Italian cooking here.

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Food Dictionary

Epicurious Food Dictionary
Note: This is a web edition of THE FOOD LOVER’S COMPANION, by Sharon Tyler Herbst.

No. of terms: 4,000 food terms

“Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.”

Description: The Food Dictionary found on the website is a fascinating reference book covering nearly any culinary term you can think of. And if you are new to cooking, you will appreciate to have this dictionary supporting you in understanding the jargon used in cookbooks.

Example term: waffle [WAHF-fuhl]
The honeycombed surface of this crisp, light bread is perfect for holding pockets of syrup. Waffles are made by pouring a light batter onto one side of a waffle iron, a special hinged cooking utensil with two honeycomb patterned griddles. The second side is closed over the batter and the waffle is cooked until browned and crisp. Waffle irons can be electric or designed for stovetop cooking. Electric waffle irons have heating elements in both sides, thereby cooking the two sides of the bread at once. Irons heated on top of a stove must be turned over once during cooking to finish the second side. There are a number of waffle-iron shapes available including square, rectangular, round and even heart-shape. Belgian waffles, which are often heaped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, are made on special waffle makers with particularly large, deep grids. Most modern waffle irons have nonstick surfaces. Waffles are popular not only for breakfast, but for desserts as well. Savory waffles can be topped with creamed meat or vegetable mixtures.

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