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The Technical Glossary is the first place to turn to if you want to lookup terms of recently developed technologies. The glossary is integral part of any search you are doing on, but can also be browsed alphabetically.’s informed users are constantly contributing to this dynamic glossary.

Example term 1: Geek
(1) A formerly derogatory term given to the outcast elite, usually lacking in social graces. The term has been used so liberally by the masses of people that computer gurus have taken it to heart as not being derogatory, but rather the name given to scientifically savvy folk. (2) A carnival performer who performs grotesque acts, such as biting the heads off of live chickens.

Example term 2: LCD Projector
A projector designed to display an image from your computer (or consumer video device) onto a large wall or movie screen. LCD projectors use three small, separate LCD screens (red, green, and blue) and shine a bright light through them to generate the image. See also DLP projector.

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