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Glossary of UN Peacekeeping Terms

Glossary of UN Peacekeeping Terms

Several hundreds terms, last update 1998.

Over the years the UN has developed a distinctive way of describing aspects of peacekeeping. The following glossary contains a brief compilation of terms used in missions around the world. Although there is no official document defining terms used in the mission, these terms are the most frequently used.

Example term: air tasking order

ATO [1. military operations: daily list of missions which includes take-off and landing times, air refueling tracks, the quantity of fuel to be transferred, altitudes to be flown as well as assigned targets; one is posted in the squadron room while a more detailed one is given to the aircrew; 2. movement control: form detailing a flight itinerary (location, ETD and ETA), cargo information (dimensions, weight, number of pieces) and passenger information (UNID, rank and name, etc.)]

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