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Language: English

No. of terms: close to 200

Description: The hair glossary found on is a compilation of a wide variety of sources ranging from ordinary dictionaries to beauty guides. With close to 200 definitions this is quite a thorough reference work of words related to hair and hair beauty. Special attention has been paid in this glossary of hair terms to the ingredients that are potential irritants. Ingredients are marked as follows: “If any of the sources noted a particular ingredient as a potential irritant, an asterisk (*) has been placed by the ingredient to help those with sensitive skin easily identify the chemical or extract. It has been my observation that many ingredients listed as potential irritants are only irritating to extremely sensitive skin or those with an allergy to the offending ingredient. If it is a common irritant, two asterisks (**) are placed next to its name. If an ingredient is known for its gentleness, a carat (^) has been placed next to its name.”

Example term: Chamomile ^
Used in many products for blonde hair to enhance color. Also used in a variety of cosmetics as an emollient. Anti-inflammatory, soothing agent for tender skin; also provides antioxidation.

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