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ISO Country Names & Abbreviations

ISO Country Names & Abbreviations

Language: English

No. of terms: 246

Description: We are using them when mailing letter to family abroad and many them are easy for us to encode. But whenever the Olympic Games are on, we see that we do not know what e.g. BD stands for, and this is still an easy one on this list of 246 official short names.

So maybe you knew that BD stands for BANGLADESH. But what about EH? Google for “EH”… well no sign of a country name anywhere. Wikipedia answers first with: It is also commonly used as a method for inciting an answer, as in “welcome to Canada, it’s nice here, eh?

Well it EH stands for WESTERN SAHARA!

Many times you will find Country abbreviations in one of the many  abbreviations  lookups  on the Net. Many of them are also user driven,  and sometimes I am not too sure if to completely rely on them. So if you want to lookup country names and their ISO abbreviation use this constantly updated and only authoritative source.

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