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Guitar 9 Glossary of Terms

Glossary Description

This glossary by Dan McAvinchey is a great resource for any guitarists. An absolute must. The selection of the terms and the content of the definitions both show how much knowledge Dan McAvinchey has. Here the description of the glossary from the Guitar Nine Website:
“Understanding many of the hundreds of terms used in a recording studio by producers, engineers, composers, and musicians can be an overwhelming task. We hope to help eliminate the confusion by compiling an on-line glossary that will attempt to define commonly used buzzwords and jargon, both subjective (“I need a warm, weighty, yet puffy bass sound here…”) and straight-forward (“Did you join ASCAP yet…”). Using the glossary will not make you an expert overnight, but it will help keep you in the know and keep you abreast of all the specialized terminology that seems to grow incessantly.

Whenever possible, articles appearing in Guitar Nine Records’ columns have been hyper linked to the corresponding definitions in the glossary. In addition, all pages in the Guitar Nine Records site have a direct link to the glossary main page. You can use the glossary as a reference source simply to look up a term or you can browse the definitions in an attempt to become familiar with a wide variety of new terms. Whichever method you choose, we hope you find this glossary to be a valuable tool in learning the talk of the musical and studio trades.”

001_18 Golden Favourite

Example Term: Fat

A sound which has been slightly distorted by means of analog tape saturation or tube distortion, yielding a warm, full sound. Also, a sound which is spatially diffuse, accomplished by panning a signal hard left in the stereo spectrum, then delaying the signal slightly and panning the delayed signal hard right.

Glossary / Dictionary Details

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