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Description :  In contrast to the official Twitter glossary by the Twitter Help Center, (former) guide Daniel Nations gives us the fun and trendy part of Twitter! Forget about the common Twitter terms! It is the “uncommon” ones that let us taste the strong influence of Twitter: Twapplications, Twalking, Twittectomy, Twittertude,  or Twitterject. Don’t wait. Check them out!

Example Term:

Twitterloop. To be brought back into the loop of conversation by being caught up on the tweets.

Link: Twitter Glossary
: English

No. of terms:  35

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Quote as:  Twitter Glossary, ©2011 All rights reserved. Compiled by Daniel Nations – [plus link]

THE Twitter Glossary

Description : The official Twitter glossary by the Twitter Help Center. A classic support glossary that contains jargon, lingo and vocabulary of frequently used terms related to Twitter features and aspects of their service. Clean and to the point, so don’t expect to find their any trendy words. Nicely done: Each definition holds a link to related articles in Twitters help center for further exploration of each term.

The Twitter glossary is a good example how a glossary can and should be used by companies that try to limit support requests. The glossary is understood as a suitable (and actually the second listed !) tool to empower Twitter users to find answers to their question independently.

Example Term:


A note displaying when a Tweet was posted to Twitter. Can be found in grey text directly below any Tweet. Is also a link to that Tweet’s own URL. Learn how to link directly to a Tweet.

Link: The Twitter Glossary

Language: English and 10 additional languages

No. of terms:  80

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Quote as:  The Twitter Glossary © 2011 Twitter [plus link]

Twitter Words

20 Twitter Words that Every Twitterer Should Know

Presentation by Andrew Spoeth, Marketing Director at Enquiro.

Twitter terms compiled by

Language: English

No. of terms:  20

Description: Outdated and not sufficient, but if you want to add some twitter words list to your website  you will be happy that Andrew Spoeth published this glossary as a presentation. You can easily add it to your site with adding an embedded code.  I just gave it a try on my own. So instead of an example term you may watch the entire glossary. Thanks Andrew. Enjoy!

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Quote as:  Twitter words – 20 Twitter Words Every Twitterer Should Know, by Andrew Spoeth, 2008.

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