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USCF Chess Glossary

Glossary Description

Again a small chess glossary covering all the basic terms you need to know in case you are new to chess. The glossary on chess terms by The United States Chess Federation (USCF) is part of their offering for new beginners, Learn About Chess. Important part here and to ease the fights you might have: the Official Chess Rules are made freely available online. The glossary and the site gives you a lot of chess information!

Example Term: Elo ratings

Rating system (now used by FIDE and USCF) to estimate the relative strength of chess players based on previous results; named after Professor Arpad Elo. The Fide and USCF ratings are separate systems although they use similar formulas-it is more difficult to obtain a FIDE rating, because it requires international play. If you do get a FIDE rating, chances are it will be slightly lower than your USCF rating. Important U.S. tournaments like the World Open and the U.S. Championship are Fide rated and USCF rated.

Glossary / Dictionary Details

Title: USCF Chess Glossary Terms: less than 100
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