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Winedoctor Wine Glossary

Winedoctor Wine Glossary

No. of terms: approximately 500

Description: The wine glossary of the “Winedoctor”, a.k.a. Chris Kissack, developed from a reference on tasting terminology into a quite comprehensive resource with a broad range of topics. “From coulure to crossing, midpalate to millerandage, vendange to vignoble, the Winedoctor Wine Glossary covers it all. (…)Where further explanation is appropriate, I have provided links onto other sections of the glossary, or onto pages elsewhere on the site.”

Example term: Corked
A tasting term used to describe wines contaminated by trichloroanisole (a corked wine is not one with bits of cork floating in it). This chemical compound is the product of mould infection in the cork. Said to affect 5% of bottles (some say more, some less) it is one of the main reasons behind the drive towards the increasing use of screwcaps and synthetic closures. It may result in a wine that simply lacks fruit and can be difficult to spot, or it may be horribly obvious, with cardboardy, musty, mushroomy, dank aromas and flavours, rendering the wine completely undrinkable. See my advice page on faulty wine for more information. I also keep a record of corked wines experienced, mainly because it is so annoying.

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Wine Dictionary

Epicurious Wine Dictionary
Note: This is a web edition of THE WINE LOVER’S COMPANION, by Ron Herbst and Sharon Tyler Herbst.

No. of terms: more than 3,500

Description: The Wine Dictionary by is sure to please anyone who loves good wine. As pleasure and knowledge often go hand in hand turn to this dictionary to learn more about wine. In this comprehensive dictionary, “you’ll find more than 3,500 entries — from basic tasting terms to top-tier vineyards — that relate to wine.” Search for a specific term or, if you’re unsure of a term’s correct spelling, just type in the first few letters. You may also browse through the dictionary by alphabet.

If God forbade drinking, would He have made wine so good?
Cardinal Richeleu

Example term: Montepulciano [mohn-teh-pool-CHAH-noh, mawn-teh-pool-CHAH-naw]
1. A red-wine grape widely cultivated throughout Italy, with the most concentrated plantings in the southeastern regions from the MARCHES down to APULIA. Some argue that Montepulciano orginated in the ABRUZZI region, with which it’s still most closely associated, mainly because of the DOC wines of MONTEPULCIANO D’ABRUZZO. This grape variety is capable of creating deeply colored, rich red wines with blackberry fruit flavors and SPICY, PEPPERY qualities. Because of its moderate ACID levels, Montepulciano generally produces wines that are smooth and MELLOW, but sometimes TANNIC enough to be AGED. This variety is also made into a cherry-pink ROSÉ called CERASUOLO. Other red wines based on Montepulciano grapes (but usually blended with local grapes) include the ROSSO CONERO DOC wines from the Marches region and the DOC wines of CERVETERI and VELLETRI from the LATIUM region. Montepulciano is also known as Cordisco, Morellone, Primaticcio, and Uva Abruzzi. 2. A town in western Italy’s TUSCANY region that lends its name to VINO NOBILE DI MONTEPULCIANO, a wine based on the SANGIOVESE, not the Montepulciano, grape.

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Keywords: wine dictionary, wine glossary, winery tasting terms, wine terms, winery, vineyard, wine phrases, wine terminology

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