About Dictionary Net

In one way or the other, I am now busy with the Internet for about 15 years. That is, looking at the short history of the WWW, a long time. I believe that it is a great way to find information and to express ourselves, but just to make clear, it is a place that you should use and exploit with responsibility.

While I am not here to put my personal life out there, I think it is only fair for you to know a bit about myself despite the few personal remarks I place in the glossary descriptions: My name is Ursula Ron, this is I believe a unique name so can easily check me out via Google. I have three sons, my husband is the conductor Aviv Ron, I am Austrian born and raised, and I now live Israel.

Which brings me to one of the weak points of this blog: I am not a native English speaker and you will feel it in everything I write. As I have no one to proofread my writing, that might be a bit painful for you. So please, forgive me for that.

Dictionary Net is covering online monolingual dictionaries and glossaries classified by the subject they are covering. You mainly will find here English English dictionaries, that explain technical terms, terminology, and specific jargon.

I hope you will profit from the information published here. I adapted the motto of the US Librarians:

“Seek wisdom, share knowledge!”

I should be very pleased if I could contribute my humble part to it.

Please know, that you are cordially invited to send me your suggestions! Either use the comment feature on site or write me an email at: dictionarynet123 (at) gmail.com.

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