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Glossary of Forestry Terms in British Columbia

Glossary of Forestry Terms in British Columbia

In PDF format. Updated March 2008.

No. of terms: More than 1000

Description: Excellent and most comprehensive glossary, one of the most reliable ones for terms related agriculture and forestry!
“This is a compilation of forestry terms commonly used by the British Columbia Ministry of Forests and Range. The definitions are provided for information only. Definitions provided in an official document, such as an Act or Regulation, will, of course, take precedence. At the end of the document you will find a list of the sources for the definitions.”

Example term: sensitive soils
Soils that, because of their slope gradient, texture class, moisture regime, or organic matter content, have a high (Coast) or very high hazard (Interior or Coast) for displacement, surface erosion, or compaction.

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