WHY do I waste my time with this blog?

I obviously love dictionaries and glossaries, seeing them as a valuable tool for learning about a subject. But why a blog like mine is needed. Well, “needed” is a big word. The world can go on spinning without it, that is for sure. I am simply disappointed the way search engine results rank pages.

Talking search engines, I am actually only talking about Google. Google is a good and as bad as any other search engine. Google is by far the largest gateway to retrieving knowledge from the Internet. I admire Google, they are doing good work and constantly try to improve. Still search results are based on algorithms and computers, so the mistake are built in: Same content on different pages, well known companies with strong sites have better changes get rank even the specific page might be disappointing.

But it is not only the search engines, it is also us the Internet user – we want it all and fast. So in fact the three first ranked search results get the biggest share of visitors. We do not like to dig deeper. The second result page, hardly ever visited, and if on page three – well these pages do not exist in the “eye of the average” Internet user.

Web Directories are dead, and it is me saying that after being one of the editors at Dmoz the Open directory. Also sites like and are letting you down with many dead links.

So DictionaryNet is trying to fill in the space by offering updated and hand-picked information. I hope I will be able to keep it up, simply the time this needs is a factor I cannot really control. Sorry, if in the end I will let you down.

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