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Find here glossaries and reference works related to Library and Information Science. These disciplines are closely related and decussate, and the mainly deal with the organization and retrieval of information. Even though a small blog like DictionaryNet, following only the personal interest of Your Dictionary Guide, will hardly find it’s place any of these sciences, I see them as fascinating fields of studies.
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ODLIS — Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science

ODLIS — Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science.  Also available in print as hardcover or paperback from Libraries Unlimited.

Last visited: November 02, 2011

No. of terms: 4,200 terms and cross-references

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Description: ODLIS , written by Joan Reitz, Haas Instruction Librarian, Western Connecticut State University, is a most remarkable reference resource for library and information science and it aims at professionals, university students, and users of all types of libraries. The target of the dictionary is certainly to be as comprehensive as possible:
“Broad in scope, ODLIS includes not only the terminology of the various specializations within library science and information studies but also the vocabulary of publishing, printing, binding, the book trade, graphic arts, book history, literature, bibliography, telecommunications, and computer science when, in the author’s judgment, a definition might prove helpful to librarians and information specialists in their work. Entries are descriptive, with examples provided when appropriate.”

Example term: name index
A list of the personal names appearing of a work, arranged alphabetically by surname, with reference to the page number(s) on which each name can be found in the text. Not all books have a separate name index–personal names may be included in a general index or in the subject index. When present in a single-volume work, the name index is part of the back matter. In a multivolume work, it is usually found at the end of the last volume. Compare with author index.

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Quote as: ODLIS — Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science. Copyright © 2004-2010 by Joan M. Reitz. All Rights Reserved.

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