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Diary Goodness Cheese Glossary and Cheese Encyclopedia

Glossary Description:, a website run by the Dairy Farmers of Canada, will give you all you need to discuss and explore cheese. Learn about the different kind of cheese with the Cheese Encyclopedia, which you can browse by cheese family (e.g. blue, gouda, mozzarella), by categories (e.g. firm, light, semi-soft), by Canadian provinces, or alphabetically. A 77 term strong cheese glossary will equip you with the needed terminology. And there is more, like “The History of Cheese” or “How Cheese is made” – making DiaryGoodness a good destination for Cheese lovers.

Example Term (Encyclopedia): Comtomme

Farm fresh cheese made from raw milk with a washed-rind. Its rind is coppery and its body is ivory. It has a fruity aroma, along with hints of butter and pineapple, which combine perfectly in the mouth. Its texture is supple and it tends to melt quickly, yet is non-sticky.

  • Aroma Fruity aroma with hints of butter and pineapple.
  • Taste Fruity taste with hints of butter and pineapple. Perfectly balanced in the mouth.
  • Texture Its texture is supple and it tends to melt quickly, yet is non-sticky.

Category: Semi-Soft
Rind type: Washed
Appearance: This cheese has a coppery-orange rind and an ivory coloured body.
Milk type: Raw
Moisture: 43
Milk fat: 30
Manufacturing process: Farmstead
Province of Origin: Quebec
Distribution: national

How to enjoy them?

On a platter for a simple cheese tasting or in a raclette. Also used in cooking, salads and sandwiches. This cheese is excellent with both wine and beer. In short, it can be appreciated any time of day or night.

Example Term (Glossary): Pasta filata

Italian term for cheeses made with curd that is heated in hot whey and mechanically stretched before being pressed into moulds. The resulting cheeses are more elastic. Examples are Fior di Latte, Caciocavallo, Mozzarella and Bocconcini.

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