Piano Renaissance – Piano Glossary

 Glossary Description

Piano Renaissance restores pianos to original excellence. Just like the piano pictured on the left (Source: Piano Renaissance) . To help people who would like their piano restored, the company offers a small glossary –  A short compilation of basic & simple terminology and definitions for parts commonly used in the rebuilding process. Let’s not forget there are thousands of parts that make up one single piano! According to an interesting article about the Grand Steinway, this particular piano “comprised some 12,000 parts, from inch-long bits of maple to a 340-pound plate of cast iron. It had taken nearly a year to build and had passed through the hands of more than 200 workers.”

The definitions are short and to the point, the illustrations added are of great help to understand what one talking about.

Personally, I cannot get enough at looking at these beautiful pianos they restored. You will find images all over their website, or go directly to their photo gallery!

Example Term: Key

A dual lever arm which pivots at the balance rail. Piano keys are made of soft wood (conifer) varieties including sugar pine, basswood and sometimes spruce. The back end of the piano key raises the whippen via the capstan which consequently raises the hammer toward the string. The piano key is in itself a complex mechanism which includes weights for control of touch weight, the key- top, button, capstan, backcheck and two mortises for felt bushings.

Glossary / Dictionary Details

Title: Piano Renaissance – Piano Glossary Terms: 30
Linkhttp://www.pianoren.com/piano-glossary/   Language: English
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