Keyboard & Digital Piano Glossary

 Glossary Description

It is a strange thing about Vienna. For sure this is the city of classical music, but when my husband studied conducting at the renown Musik Hochschule in Vienna, we felt it was better to have a digital piano in order to avoid any conflicts with our neighbors.

Here is a great glossary about keyboards and digital pianos, again coming from the music shop Sheehans in Leicester, UK.  With 63 terms it is a very comprehensive one, and again in a  clean design and with helpful illustrations.

Example Term:Weighted Keys

Weighted keys feel a lot more like a real piano than a typical spring-bound keyboard. Weighting adds strength to your fingers, encouraging the proper technique and strength needed to play the acoustic piano.

Glossary / Dictionary Details

Title: Keyboard & Digital Piano Glossary Terms: 63
Link Language: English
Quote as: eyboard & Digital Piano Glossary. ©2000-2011 Sheehans Music Services Ltd, 58a London Road, Leicester, UK, LE2 0QD. [+link] Last visited: November 09, 2011

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