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BTS Transportation Dictionary

Glossary Description:

This dictionary presents over 6,000 terms and acronyms related to transportation. The terms and acronyms were obtained from various transportation publications and databases which exist within the federal government, private organizations, Canada and Mexico.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) was established as a statistical agency in 1992. BTS was established to administer data collection, analysis, and reporting and to ensure the most cost-effective use of transportation-monitoring resources. BTS brings a greater degree of coordination, comparability, and quality standards to transportation data, and facilitates in the closing of important data gaps.

Example Term: Transportation Industry

Those establishments or parts of establishments that build transportation facilities and equipment; operate transportation facilities; provide for-hire transportation services for individuals, households, businesses, or government agencies; provide supporting in-house transportation for a business or government agency; arrange transportation services for individuals, households, businesses or government agencies; provide supporting services necessary to the provision of transportation services; or administer transportation programs. This definition includes a diverse cross section of the economy, such as automobile manufacturers, railroads, travel agents, school district bus operators, port authorities, gas stations, and the trucking fleets of major grocery chains. (BTS2)

Glossary / Dictionary Details:

Title:BTS Transportation Dictionary Terms: 6000+
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