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NumisMedia Glossary of Numismatic Terms

Glossary Description:

One of the largest alphabetical indexes of numismatic terms and definitions on the Internet. Offering above 600 terms you have good chances to find what you are looking for. Also important – the website also offers a list of numismatic abbreviations and definitions of General Grading Standards for U.S. Coins.

The only minus of this glossary – it misses out on introducing hyperlinks. Standing in front of 600 terms the novice can feel a bit lost. If not in each definition, but at least terms that refer to alternate terms and “See also..” remarks should be equipped with a hyperlink.

NumisMedia is a member-oriented community of U.S. coin dealers. They provide services for coin dealers in a cooperative effort to enhance the nature of the numismatic industry. These dealers have banded together to initiate a national marketing program that will provide coins and information for the numismatic fraternity; for both dealers and collectors, alike

Example term: Conserved

Numismatic conservation involves examination, scientific analysis, and a reliance upon an extensive base of numismatic knowledge to determine the nature of a coin’s state of preservation and the extent of any damage. Conservation also encompasses appropriate procedures to protect the coin’s original appearance and to guard against future deterioration to whatever extent possible.
Professional conservation should not be confused with “Coin Doctoring”, in which an attempt is made to improve the appearance and grade of a coin through deceptive means such as artificial toning and where unaccepted or unorthodox methods are employed. Also not qualifying as conservation is restoration where mechanical repairs are made such as filling holes, smoothing out scratches, and re-engraving of detail.

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Glossary of Numismatic Terms

Glossary Description:

This glossary at Coin World, a renown publication for coin collectors, is aiming at both the novice and the advanced collector giving definitions of rare terms: “Coin Collecting, like any hobby, has a language of its own spoken by its practitioners and students. Those basic numismatic terms likely to cause the most difficulty for both the novice and the advanced collector are included in this glossary.”

Example term: scripophily

The study and science of collecting financial documents, including stock certificates, shares, government and private bonds, and checks. A student of scripophily is a scripophilist.

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Small Note:

Here is how to find the glossary on CoinWorld. Use the link above and choose the glossary from the left side bar.


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